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Mutual Knowledge Systems (MuKn) is committed to solving the hard problems in blockchain, including user adoption.


Integrating Crypto Transactions with Leading CRM, ERP, and BI software

Bringing Web3 to the corporate world

In 2023, MuKn released its first Web3 product for the corporate world.

Web3 Enabler is the App that enables crypto-payments in your CRM, to allow your automation manager or your sales representatives or your accounting department to interact with crypto-enthusiasts from all around the world.

MuKn Research

Since 2019, MuKn has been building custom tech for heavy hitters and smaller actors in the blockchain industry.

We also develop our own set of tools to make the Internet of tomorrow as decentralized and secure as it can be:

On top of that, our team is regularly publishing papers in collaboration with the academic world.

MuKn Studios

MuKn Research

MuKn Studios: Helping build the Web3 Companies of Tomorrow

We help Web3 founders ideate and build their products. We help them find accelerators all over the world to bring their companies to market.

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