Publications from Our Team

François-René Rideau

François-René Rideau, “Simple Formally Verified DApps—and not just Smart Contracts”, EthCC[3], 2020.

François-René Rideau, Glow Whitepaper”, January 2020.

François-René Rideau et al., Durabo: Unstoppable Message Feeds, 2021

François-René Rideau et al., AVOUM: Account View On-top-of UTXO Model, 2021

Jay McCarthy and François-René Rideau, “Alacrity: A DSL for Simple, Formally-Verified DApps”, October 2019 (a variant of this paper was presented by Jay McCarthy at DevCon5)

François-René Rideau et al., “Alacris Whitepaper”, July 2019 (first draft completed, never released), also focused on scaling, though with many of the ideas of the language.

François-René Rideau, “Composing Contracts without Special Provisions — using Blockchain History”, Hackernoon, April 2019.

François-René Rideau, “Language Abstraction for Verifiable Blockchain Distributed Applications”, April 2019 (with video from IOHK Summit 2019)

Donald Fisk

Fisk, D: Keyboard? How Quaint. Visual Dataflow Implemented in Lisp. (Proceedings of the 8th European Lisp Symposium, 2015)

Fisk, D: Full Metal Jacket: A Pure Visual Dataflow Language Built on Top of Lisp (Proceeding of the International Lisp Conference, 2003)

Fisk, D: An Application of Social Filtering to Movie Recommendation (BT Technology Journal 14, No 4, October 1996)