Portfolio Companies

Web3 Enabler

Commercializing Web3 Technology for CRM and ERP technologies. Our initial product, Web3 Enabler for Salesforce, was launched on July 27.

Business at a Glance:

  • Status: Operational and Live
  • Fundraising Status: Seed
  • Ideated: MuKn Studios
  • Incubated: MuKn Studios
  • Accelerated: Built in Miami Accelerator

Relevant Blog Posts:

MuKn is a Salesforce and Zoho partner

Chenilles Network

Chenilles is a new payment network that can transmit value across blockchains and currencies, safely, at scale, with a direct connection to on-ramp and off-ramp solutions.

Business at a Glance:

  • Status:  Incubating
  • Fundraising Status:  Pre-Seed
  • Ideated:  MuKn Studios

Formal Foundry

Formal Foundry provides AI-driven safety using formal methods to prove the correctness of generative AI systems.

Business at a Glance:

  • Status: Incubating
  • Fundraising Status: Pre-Seed
  • Ideated: MuKn Studios

Laconic Network

The Laconic Network is a peer-to-peer data marketplace that makes internet-scale Web3 applications and light clients possible.

Business at a Glance:

  • Status:  Pre-Launch Development

  • Fundraising Status:  Pre-Seed round 2

  • Ideated:  Vulcanize

  • Incubated:  MuKn Studios

  • Managing Partner:  Cerc.io


Lemnis Cap, Figment, MuKn Studios