MuKn Studios


We solve hard problems for the blockchain industry.

Blockchain technology provides opportunities to break through limitations put in place by centralized finance. Decentralized finance allows us to break through limitations oppressive, centralized banking systems, by means of innovation and collaboration.

Web3 also offers technical capabilities, including:

  • Increased transaction speed
  • Economic access to the unbanked and underserved
  • Expanded international business opportunities
  • We at Mutual Knowledge Systems build bridges between the technically and politically complex web3 ecosystem and enterprises and end users to enable such innovation.

Our Team

We take great pride in the team we've built. Our team's expertise includes:

  • R&D: Mathematics, programming, artificial intelligence and software security
  • Back Office: Finance, legal, operations, marketing and cybersecurity
  • Front Office: Sales, media and communications
  • You can find more information, check our collection of publications authored by our team members.

Our Technical Solutions

Crypto Invoicing and Payments: Web3 Enabler empowers businesses to break free of limitations of centralized transactions.

  • Scaling: Chenilles State Channels support scalable, private multi-token, multi-chain, multi-participant transactions.
  • Glow: Glow is our DSL (Domain Specific programming Language) for writing simple, safe smart contracts.


Our development team, led by François-René Rideau, our President and Chief Scientist, brings has built on various blockchains, including:

Our team is comprised of protocol engineering experts with various Lisp and Haskell projects and publications under our belts. Each MuKn developer brings up to 42 years of programming experience.

Our technical solutions and consulting services include the expertise of Marcin Grzybowsky, our VP of Formal Methods. Marcin is a globally renowned Agda expert. He applies 15 years of software engineering experience, including extensive research and hands-on experience improving upon companies' software security. He currently applies what he's learned and developed to proving the safety of generative AI systems.

Formal Foundry

Formal Foundry is an initiative to bring safety rails to generative artificial intelligence using formal methods. MuKn is working with the Formal Foundry researchers, to commercialize the technology and provide consulting services to companies who share our dedication to the safety of generative AI systems.