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Accepting cryptocurrency payments on Salesforce: which App?

2023-07-24 by

Gauthier Lamothe

Is there an App enabling Cryptocurrency payments on Salesforce?

Well, yes, there is!

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital transactions, businesses are constantly seeking ways to harness the power of cryptocurrencies. Wondering if there’s an app that enables effortless cryptocurrency payments on Salesforce? Look no further than Web3 Enabler!

Tailor-made for Salesforce, this cutting-edge app empowers businesses to seamlessly accept crypto payments. Expand your reach to the global community of crypto-enthusiasts and streamline payment processes while maintaining perfect integration with your CRM. Embrace a new era of financial possibilities and unlock the potential of cryptocurrencies with the game-changing Web3 Enabler.

Who can invoice in cryptos in a CRM?

Web3 Payments using the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stable Coins like USDC or USDT and so on are very useful, but the corporate world was still a bit cold-footed when it came to using these currencies.

Why ? Because getting paid in crypto is a thing, but integrating it to your accounting platform, your ERP or your CRM was a cumbersome process at best, and the sheer amount of customer interactions made it impossible for businesses to process so many payments in cryptocurrencies without an automated integration to their platforms.

Also, in the corporate world, many Sales representatives, account executives and other people interacting with customers aren’t keen on spending a costly amount of time to read and understand how cryptocurrencies work (admit it: reading 200 pages of whitepapers and technical documentations you don’t understand isn’t that fun).

This is where Web3 Enabler comes in: an invoicing and payment solution so simple that your friend Janice from accounting could use it. Janice is three years away from retirement, yet she can invoice in cryptocurrencies on the behalf of your company.


Web3 Enabler is so simple any Salesforce user can invoice in crypto

1. Simplified Payment Processing: Web3 Enabler streamlines the crypto payment process, making it easier than ever to receive payments from customers around the globe. By supporting popular cryptocurrencies such as USDC, USDT, ETH, and Bitcoin, businesses can cater to a wide range of users with different preferences.

2. Seamless Salesforce Integration: Designed exclusively for Salesforce, Web3 Enabler can be effortlessly downloaded from the app exchange. The integration process is smooth and hassle-free, ensuring your team can start accepting crypto payments in no time, without disrupting your existing workflow.

3. Global Reach, Emerging Markets: With Web3 Enabler, businesses can break down geographical barriers and connect with crypto-enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Moreover, it presents a unique opportunity to tap into emerging markets where cryptocurrencies are increasingly embraced as a commodity, offering a competitive edge over traditional payment systems.

4. Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to complex setup procedures. Web3 Enabler boasts a super easy installation process, enabling your team to swiftly configure the solution and start accepting crypto payments without any technical headaches. See the video of Web3 Enabler’s installation process below: it’s explained in less than two minutes.

5. Intuitive User Interface: Web3 Enabler’s user interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Even for those new to cryptocurrencies, the platform offers a smooth and intuitive experience, making it easier for your customers to complete transactions with confidence. Requesting a payment is done in a few clicks, see how simple it is in the video below.

6. Comprehensive Blockchain Interaction Tracking: Stay informed and in control with Web3 Enabler’s advanced tracking system. You can effortlessly monitor all interactions with the blockchain directly from your CRM, giving you valuable insights and analytics for better decision-making.


Web3 Enabler vs Chargent vs Kulturra vs Linvio

In the ever-evolving world of payment solutions, Web3 Enabler, Chargent, Kulturra, and Linvio are all prominent players. While they share a similar idea of offering paid subscriptions (monthly or yearly), each platform has its unique features and target audiences. Let’s delve into a comparison of these solutions:

1. Web3 Enabler – Embracing Cryptocurrency Payments: Web3 Enabler sets itself apart by exclusively focusing on cryptocurrency payments. Unlike Chargent, Kulturra, and Linvio, Web3 Enabler does not integrate fiat currency payments. This targeted approach enables businesses to tap into the vast world of crypto-enthusiasts, expanding their customer base globally. Moreover, with Web3 Enabler’s remarkably affordable annual cost of approximately $5000, it significantly reduces transaction fees compared to traditional fiat currency transactions, saving businesses at least 10 times on their payment processing expenses.

2. Chargent – A Comprehensive Payment Solution: Chargent offers a comprehensive payment solution that includes both traditional fiat currency and credit card payments. Its versatility appeals to businesses dealing with a varied customer base that prefers conventional payment methods. While it might lack the exclusive focus on cryptocurrencies like Web3 Enabler, Chargent’s integration of multiple payment options provides a convenient solution for businesses with diverse payment needs.

3. Kulturra – Empowering Recurring Subscriptions: Kulturra stands out by providing powerful tools for managing recurring subscription-based models. With an emphasis on subscription management, Kulturra is an excellent choice for businesses that heavily rely on recurring revenue streams. However, similar to Chargent, it doesn’t cater to the growing demand for cryptocurrency payments, making it distinct from Web3 Enabler in that aspect.

4. Linvio – Simplified Payment Processing: Linvio aims to streamline payment processes for businesses, making it easy to accept various payment methods. While it offers an array of payment options, including fiat currencies and credit cards, Linvio, like Chargent and Kulturra, does not include support for cryptocurrency payments, making it differ significantly from Web3 Enabler’s exclusive focus.


In the realm of payment solutions, Web3 Enabler stands out as a game-changer, embracing the future with its exclusive emphasis on cryptocurrency payments. Its affordability and significant reduction in transaction fees compared to fiat currency transactions make it a highly attractive option for businesses seeking innovative ways to expand their global reach. While Chargent, Kulturra, and Linvio offer diverse features and cater to various payment needs, they differ from Web3 Enabler in their approach, lacking the integration of cryptocurrency payments. The choice between these solutions ultimately depends on the unique requirements and preferences of each business, with Web3 Enabler leading the way for those venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Web3 Enabler will be available on the Salesforce AppExchange this week! Stay tuned to be informed as soon as it’s live!

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