Our Company


In 2019, after a first collaboration between an entrepreneur and his lawyer, respectively François-René “Faré” Rideau and Alexander Smart, the two realized common opinion: an industry becomes mature and mainstream when its products simplify the lives of its users, and at the time, the blockchain world was still mostly inhabited by technical enthusiasts. That is how Rideau and Smart decided to found Mutual Knowledge Systems Inc. (abreviated MuKn, pronounced Moon). A company aiming at making life on the blockchain radically simpler, starting with a first product: the Glow programming language.

The team was soon joined by Faré’s long time friend Gauthier Lamothe, experienced in the field of communications and already active in the blockchain sector.

During two years, funded first by personal savings then by grants from a few blockchain foundations, MuKn developed a few open-source pieces of technology for actors of the blockchain industry such as Cardano, Harmony One, Nervos, Filecoin…

Developers had solutions for complex technical problems, but bringing the blockchain to the business world was still not.


At the end of 2022, MuKn’s three first founders were joined by CFO Peter Husbhman and senior entrepreneur and project manager Alex Hochberger.

The now 5-people founding team was complete and started developing its first solutions outside of the spectrum of technology: MuKn had become a genuine BtoB SaaS company, enabling global commerce thanks to Web3 and blockchain expertise.

In 2023, MuKn is launching it’s first products for businesses:

  • integration of Blockchain datasets
  • payment solutions