Canadian parliamentary report urges to embrace the blockchain industry

2023-07-17 by

Hugues Marty

A recent parliamentary report from the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry and Technology has emphasized the need for Canada to recognize and strategically approach the emerging blockchain industry. The report, which followed an extensive study involving meetings with various experts and stakeholders, highlighted the diverse applications of blockchain technology, including cryptocurrencies, supply chain management, public sector utilization, and financial innovations.

The report acknowledged that Canada has been a frontrunner in blockchain innovation and entrepreneurial capacity, with witnesses attesting to the country’s significant contributions to the industry. In 2021, approximately 2.5% of large enterprises in Canada adopted blockchain technology, while less than 1% of small- and medium-sized enterprises did the same. Witness estimates revealed that around 16,000 Canadians were employed in the blockchain sector in 2020, with an additional 13,000 employed by cryptocurrency firms in 2022.

Notably, the report recognized the importance of regulating cryptocurrency trading platforms to protect consumers from risks associated with foreign platforms. It cited the infamous collapse of the Canadian QuadrigaCX exchange in 2019 as a catalyst for increased regulatory attention. The report also acknowledged that while high-profile incidents have received significant media coverage, small-scale consumers entering the crypto market are often targeted by bad actors.

Building upon these findings, the report made several recommendations to support the growth and development of the blockchain industry in Canada. Firstly, it called for the recognition of blockchain’s role in the country, highlighting the need for increased regulatory clarity. The report emphasized the importance of formulating a national strategy in collaboration with industry participants to leverage the potential of blockchain technology fully. In particular, stablecoin regulation was identified as an area that requires attention, as witnesses within the committee held differing opinions on whether stablecoins should be classified as securities.

The parliamentary report reflects a growing recognition of the transformative power of blockchain technology in Canada. By embracing the industry and establishing a comprehensive strategy, Canada can position itself as a global leader in blockchain innovation and capitalize on the economic opportunities it presents.

Canada’s proactive approach to blockchain regulation and strategic planning aligns with international trends, as many jurisdictions are exploring the potential of this disruptive technology. By fostering an enabling environment for blockchain businesses and ensuring consumer protection, Canada can attract investment, drive innovation, and establish itself as a hub for blockchain development.

In conclusion, the parliamentary report’s recommendations to recognize and strategize the blockchain industry in Canada provide a valuable roadmap for harnessing the full potential of this transformative technology. As Canada continues to foster innovation and collaboration, it has the opportunity to shape the future of blockchain and unlock its benefits across various sectors, ultimately strengthening its position in the global digital economy.