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Comparing Chargent and Web3 Enabler: Choosing the Right Payment Solution for Your Salesforce Needs

2023-08-17 by

Gauthier Lamothe

In the dynamic landscape of Salesforce payment solutions, many prominent contenders stand out. One of them is the notorious Chargent published by App Frontier.


How does it compare to Web3 Enabler? Both offer unique features and capabilities tailored to different financial needs. This article aims to delve into the strengths of each platform, shedding light on their compatibility with different currency types, particularly fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.


Chargent – A Fiat-Centric Powerhouse, with Crypto Aversion and Volatility Concerns

Chargent has long been recognized as a robust payment solution tailored to fiat currency transactions. Built with a focus on streamlining payment processes and enhancing the customer experience, Chargent has successfully catered to businesses that predominantly deal with traditional currencies. The platform’s efficiency in handling fiat transactions has contributed to its popularity among a wide range of industries.

In one of their instructional videos, Chargent explained its rationale for not supporting cryptocurrency transactions. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, characterized by significant price fluctuations, posed challenges for seamless and reliable payment processing. This stance was taken before the advent of stablecoins, which brought a new level of stability to the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the advancements in the cryptocurrency space, as of now, Chargent remains focused on fiat currencies and has not introduced support for cryptocurrency payments. While this decision is rooted in concerns about volatility and risk mitigation, it does limit businesses that wish to embrace the benefits of crypto transactions.


Web3 Enabler – Bridging the Crypto Gap

Web3 Enabler, on the other hand, has positioned itself as a forward-looking solution for businesses keen on integrating cryptocurrency payments into their Salesforce operations. As the digital currency landscape evolves and stablecoins gain prominence, Web3 Enabler recognized the potential of offering a platform that facilitates seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

Seizing the Crypto Opportunity: Web3 Enabler’s support for cryptocurrency transactions offers businesses a gateway to tap into a growing and transformative financial realm. With the emergence of stablecoins that are pegged to stable assets like fiat currencies, the volatility concerns that once deterred cryptocurrency adoption have been significantly mitigated. This positions Web3 Enabler as a subscription-worthy solution for companies seeking to expand their payment horizons beyond traditional currencies.


Web3 Enabler or Chargent – Which one to choose ?

In the realm of Salesforce payment solutions, the choice between Chargent and Web3 Enabler hinges on your currency preferences and long-term business goals. Chargent excels in streamlining fiat currency transactions, offering reliability and efficiency for businesses in that domain. However, for those aiming to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies, Web3 Enabler presents a pioneering solution that bridges the crypto gap.


If your business operations revolve around fiat currencies and seamless payment experiences, Chargent remains a strong contender. However, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the emerging crypto landscape, a subscription to Web3 Enabler is the way to go. As the financial world continues to evolve, the right choice between these platforms could be the key to unlocking your business’s full potential in the ever-changing payments landscape.


Web3 Enabler is live on Salesforce, compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDC, USDT and recently added Paypal’s PYUSD to its stack.

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