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Chief Financial Officer

Peter is a finance and operations expert who has been focused on startups, with a background/origin in private equity and leveraged buyouts. In the early 2000’s he operated Internet Real Estate Group, a Web 2.0 studio in Boston MA, USA which successfully developed businesses including and a dozen other early prime domain businesses.

Peter’s team of engineers created some of the earliest successful affiliate marketing and advertising platforms on the Internet and were pioneers in search engine optimization. Later he was the CFO of Digiport Data Centers in Miami FL and developed business plans and economic models as Financial Advisor to Digiport-founded startups including (Air BnB for yachts), (early cloud-ware for small-midsized professional offices); and (digital arts platform for digital artists).  In 2018 Peter was Management Consultant and Interim CFO and assited with their business modeling for a successful C round in 2019. Later in 2019, Peter became Interim CFO of (Brand Strategy for Fortune 100’s) assisting them with their successful A round with Bocap, a private equity firm in Finland.

Peter joined MuKn in Q1 2022 as CFO, Founder and a Board Member.  He is a graduate of Tufts University and has a Masters in Public and Private Management from Yale University School of Management.

“I’m in the blockchain now because I believe in the future.  When I was just starting out, I managed a team that took a CNC machine shop paperless. (We integrated all the machine controllers to a VAX from Digital Equipment Corp… Sigh.)  I’ve been working and dreaming since then toward this moment in time we are now reaching… That moment is coming when robotics, software automation, and AI really begin to join forces. Now is that moment when we have started to define the communication and rules between these more and more sophisticated puzzle pieces.  Now is the moment that we are forming our future productivity equations, to free one another from most forms of hard or boring labor.  I hope we survive and thrive beyond the wars we still wage. I trust and challenge the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders and engineers and scientists to find their way to allowing every single member of our global society to be free from poverty and manual labor to live productive and meaningful lives as they so choose and are capable of.”