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Twitter: @ngnghm (Computer Science) or @phanaero (cryptocurrency).

Hello, I am Faré, President and Chief Scientist of Mutual Knowledge Systems, a.k.a. MuKn (pronounced “Moon”—the K is silent), a Consultancy creating innovative decentralized solutions for all blockchains public and private.

We can help you solve your hardest and most valuable problems, at the highest levels of software architecture economic mechanism design, as well as your lowest levels of computing optimization or economic efficiency.

My main current interest is to build the Chenilles network together with the Glow language. I also oversee the technology behind our entreprise payment solution web3-enabler, and behind FormalFoundry our combined efforts in formal methods and machine learning. Our current and past designs include the following:

  • Sky Protocol is a DEX for Block Space—a second-generation Data Availability network with a double auction market to match supply and demand, enabling Decentralized Applications (DApps) to scale in an elastic way.
  • Chenilles enables private self-custodial payments and contracts across currencies and blockchains. It is a next-generation network of Generalized State Channels, uniquely capable of enforcing private smart contracts. It can support any blockchain, and any basket of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and NFTs. Buyers can hold whichever tokens they prefer and seamlessly make payments wherein sellers will receive their favorite basket of tokens, priced in whichever token they agree to transact—privately, scalably, with low fees.
  • Glow makes development portable, simpler, safer, more private and cheaper. It is our Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for Decentralized Applications (DApps). Much higher-level than existing DApp languages, with builtin support for the notions of participants and assets, it eliminates the vast majority of existing risks with DApps, and makes development simpler, faster, safer, portable across blockchains, what more with the ability to target State Channels and zk-SNARKs for extra privacy.
  • Of course, our innovative technologies only matter if they can be used by regular people, and not just cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals. This is why we at MuKn are working on Web3-Enabler, a product to help regular companies integrate web3 payments in their usual tools and workflows.
  • Finally, our spin-off Formal Foundry uses formal methods to prove the safety of AI applications, and AI to improve the usability of formal methods. We are very excited to offer to the wider public the technologies we built combining both machine learning and software verification.

Other technologies I have designed for MuKn include:

  • AVOUM enables powerful Account-style contrats on UTXO blockchains
  • UVOAM enables private and composable UTXO-style transactions on Account blockchains
  • Sigurity enables programmable multisigs that are indistinguishable from regular signatures to outsiders, but are fully authorized, audited and logged within your corporation
  • Olapa enables your transactions to scale faster and cheaper thanks to the notion of mutual knowledge
  • IWillPersist ensures that your DApp clients’ data with persist in a secure and private way on redundant blinded remote servers
  • Durabo empowers users to control their own uncensorable decentralized message feeds
  • Decenstake is a censorship-resistant leaderless Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.
  • TrieZip yields 10x acceleration to the Merkleization of your large data structures
  • We have many small smart contracts such as:
    EVMBatch that allows you to atomically batch transactions in a single atomic group transaction;
    MetaCreate2 that ensures that anyone’s contracts can auditably have the same address on all EVM blockchains;
    efficient implementations of Yield Farming, Automated Market Making, Lotteries, or ERC20 contracts.
  • Legicash (actually designed at a previous startup) automates the generation of “proof-of-fraud” machinery for what is now known as “optimistic” side-chains..

I look forward to discussing with you how MuKn can help you adopt or enhance blockchain technologies,
audit and repair your designs, or provide you with great investment opportunities.
Together we will have Blockchain made usable by normal people!—where anyone and everyone uses blockchain technology
as a matter of course, without breaking a sweat, without even being more than vaguely aware that they are using a blockchain.

To connect, email [email protected] (preferred), send private messages on Signal +1 617 575 9012, or, if you must, contact on Telegram @FrancoisRene or on on linkedin @fahree. You may also follow on GitHub @fare my public code updates, on Twitter @ngnghm my infrequent programming language takes, or also on Twitter @phanaero my rarer tweets as crypto entrepreneur.

PS: Our super power is being simultaneously fluent in many domains of which our competitors can only handle a couple at a time—theoretical computer science, programming language design and implementation, logic (classical or intuitionnistic, epistemic or linear; game semantics), reflection, distributed systems, network protocols, cryptography, game theory, economic mechanism design, cryptoeconomics, finance, law, adversarial thinking, etc. Our secret weapons are the programming languages Gerbil Scheme and Cubical Agda, that enable us to do what our competitors can’t. And we compete with better funded competitors by playing moneyball—hiring great but undervalued outliers that we know how to make productive when other companies don’t.