MuKn Joins Built in Miami’s Accelerator program

2023-08-20 by

Gauthier Lamothe

We at MuKn are happy to announce our acceptance into the startup accelerator program in Miami – “Built in Miami.” This is yet another pleasant event in MuKn’s journey, propelling us greater success and visibility amidst the launch of our Web3 Enabler Salesforce App.

The startup ecosystem in Miami has been buzzing with activity, and MuKn has secured a spot within the Built in Miami accelerator program. This program is a launchpad for promising startups, providing them with a platform to hone their skills, expand their networks, and access valuable resources.

Amidst the sea of opportunities, one sponsor stands out in a quirky and intriguing manner – the Shrimp Society. Yes, you read that right! The Shrimp Society, being as versatile as, well, shrimp itself (Forrest Gump fans will get the reference), has lent its support to the Built in Miami program. Let’s shrimp up our success, then, whatever that means!

Meet Our Chief Product Officer: Alex Hochberger

As MUKN embarks on this exhilarating journey with Built in Miami, our Chief Product Officer, Alex Hochberger, is all set to steer the Web3 Enabler boat (not to fish shrimps, this time, but Salesforce using customers). With an innovative mindset and a keen eye for product development, Alex is well-equipped to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that come their way during the accelerator program. His presence exemplifies our dedication to making the most of this unique opportunity.

The Road Ahead for MUKN

MuKn’s acceptance into Built-In Miami signifies more than just an achievement; it’s a testament to their potential and the compelling vision they bring to the table. This accelerator program will undoubtedly help them fine-tune their strategies, amplify their market presence, and foster connections that can steer their growth in exciting new directions.

And for those of you who use Salesforce and still haven’t tried Web3 Enabler, what are you waiting for?


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